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Do writers need a website?

No, they don’t. There are many ways to promote your writing on the web (social media, Amazon) without a website, but you’ll look considerably less professional without one. For example, you can probably land a job going to an interview in pants and a shirt, but if you wear a suit they know you mean business. The same is true with a professional website: Show you mean business!

If someone hears your name or the title of your book they will go looking for you – probably using Google, Bing, or Yahoo. If you have a website you’ll show up in their search results and off they go to have a look at your site. If you’ve written multiple books or articles this is the perfect opportunity for your potential reader to discover your body of work. And, with a well-crafted ‘About the Author’ page, they can get to know you better. This is how you turn a casual visitor into a fan.

Your website will be your premier marketing tool. It’s the modern day business card, really. So, no, you don’t have to have a website to share your writing with the world, but you should if you want potential readers to find you, if you want an agents attention, and if you want to grow your audience and build a loyal fan base.

Now, that you’re convinced you need a website, visit the How to Get Started page.


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