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Should I Sell My Book on Amazon?

You’re self-published and you need to get your book out there. But let’s face it, profits don’t always start rolling in when you’re self-publishing and doing your own marketing. Money is tight. It’s tempting to pass on anything that costs a little money. Not that I’m the biggest believer that you ‘have to spend money to make money’. I think it’s more important that you recognize when investing a little is worth a lot. And I think Amazon fits into that category.

The Benefits

  • When people buy books, they look on Amazon
  • Sales and fulfillment is taken care of
  • People you don’t even know can review your book
  • The recommendation feature could help you gain more attention than your website alone could

The Negatives

  • Amazon gets a cut of your profits
  • You can’t control the reviews that are posted

Assuming you can afford the cut into your profits, Amazon will give you exposure far beyond what you’ll get from a website of Facebook page alone. Figure in your payments to Amazon in your overall budget and make it happen. It’s the best marketing plan you can have.


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