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Should I Sell My Book on Amazon?

You’re self-published and you need to get your book out there. But let’s face it, profits don’t always start rolling in when you’re self-publishing and doing your own marketing. Money is tight. It’s tempting to pass on anything that costs a little money. Not that I’m the biggest believer that you ‘have to spend money […]

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Do writers need a website?

No, they don’t. There are many ways to promote your writing on the web (social media, Amazon) without a website, but you’ll look considerably less professional without one. For example, you can probably land a job going to an interview in pants and a shirt, but if you wear a suit they know you mean […]

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How much does a website cost?

In my 15+ years as a web professional this is by far the most common question I get. The conversation, in person or via email, usually goes something like this: “Hi. I need a website to promote my book. How much will it cost? Can you give me a rough idea?” To properly frame this […]

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